Sitcom – Coming Soon

Sweeties is a half hour, faith-based sitcom about a father and son duo who own the local candy shop and whose lives are flipped upside down when they start fostering a feisty 11-year-old girl. Filming has wrapped and we are in post-production on the pilot for this series. Be on the look out for more episodes in 2020!

The Big Fix

Family Comedy

A disconnected father and an overbearing mother are always at odds with their teenage kids, and especially with each other. In a selfish attempt to change the other, they pray for help only to find themselves trapped in the other’s body. Now the kids are king of the jungle running their parent’s restaurant, while the parents are thrown back into the wilderness of high school. They have to learn how to cooperate and love each other if they’re going to make it out alive! Coming soon to On-Demand. More info over at christmaswanderthemovie.com.

Christmas Wander

Christmas Drama

A tough-as-nails, struggling bar owner must go on a road trip with her estranged father, and ex-con man with Alzheimers, to save her business by finding the money he stole in heist decades ago. Coming soon to On-Demand. More info over at christmaswanderthemovie.com.

Fat Chance

Romantic Comedy

Fat Chance is a character-driven romantic comedy, inspired by a true story. It tells the story of an overweight dental assistant who is challenged to find her self worth in Christ when she falls in love with a young man using her attractive friend’s picture on an online dating website. Currently on Pureflix and Amazon Prime. You can also visit www.fatchancethemovie.com.

Another Chance

Family Drama

A sleazy small town politician has his world turned upside down when two teenagers struggling to overcome their own mistakes bring him face to face with his sordid past. You can buy your copy of Another Chance at anotherchancethemovie.com.